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Who we are

Step into Tequila Imperial, Toronto's newest Mexican dining destination! Our menu harmoniously blends traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes, utilizing locally sourced ingredients for a fresh take on classic recipes.


Indulge in everything from flavorful tacos to our artisanal guacamole as we aim to deliver an authentic dining adventure with outstanding service.


At Tequila Imperial, we celebrate diversity. As a family-friendly and LGBTQ+ welcoming space, we provide a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all.


Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of traditional Mexican flavours, enhanced by the lively presence of our original Mariachi band at Tequila Imperial. Join us to explore Mexico’s vibrant tastes and cultural richness right in the heart of Toronto.

Tacos meal and Jarrito drink

In the Kitchen

Mexican food is a beloved cuisine known for its rich flavours and diverse ingredients. From traditional dishes like tacos to lesser-known specialties, there's something for everyone to enjoy. With fresh herbs, spices, and a variety of proteins and vegetables, there's no shortage of unique flavours and textures to experience.

Nachos with Chili
Carnitas/little meats, cilantro and chopped onions
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